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Monkey King Escape

Client: Ubisoft

UX/UI Analysis for v1.5, Improvement Plan for v1.6 and v1.7 release

Monkey King Escape

Enhancing player engagement for a F2P mobile game.


This was the first Ubisoft mobile game project I was brought in. The expectation was to come up with a Quick Win - a low cost approach with minimum adjustments to MKE's current UI/UX so as to re-purpose/overhaul it later for a new mobile game under a different IP.

I went ahead playing the MKE v1.5 and various runner games on the market, got myself acquainted with some best practices and common patterns in terms of convening well the Player Progression, Scoring, Competition and Retention... and then moved forward to come up with a list of potential UI/UX Improvement Plans for the release of v1.6 and v1.7, with special focus on accessibility, information hierarchy and content prioritization.