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Production Monthly Report Template

Client: Ubisoft

UX / UI / Data Visualization

Improving email template for Monthly Production Report.


Redesign Email Template for Ubisoft CTU Production Monthly Report. Revamped the entire section of "Updates/Accomplishments" based on the logic and principles gathered from pertinent studies.

Using Alternative Row Styling for Complex Tabular Data to help users' eyes scan across a row more comfortably and help prevent tracking errors. (Shading rows is more common than shading columns; The color of alternative rows should be slight lighter/darker in tone without having too much contrast.)

Optimize Line Lengths to be more proportioned to the size of the type. (Overlong columns are wearying to the eye and also have an adverse psychological effect; Overshot columns can also be disturbing since they interrupt the flow of reading and put the reader off by obliging the eye to change lines too rapidly. "Grid System in Graphic Design", Josef Müller-Brockmann)

Use size and color to create visual hierarchy. Ensure that the color palette and typography choices drive attention to the important points. 

Keep it simple.

More thoughts and suggestions on Data Visualization

  • When you have a solid set of data, take some time re-learn it, try to display it in a way that "can be seen", that quicker than "read".
  • Not all data lends itself to creative and unique graphs. But always consider ways to visualize it.
  • Let the data do the talking and use cohesive design to enunciate the visual story, reduce extraneous icons (that might obscure what's important.)
  • Identify section breaks that help to tell the story. Organizing the data and sectioning off information without relying entirely on headings and color breaks.
  • Give the most important information the most visual weight, so that the viewer knows what to take away.