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Assassin's Creed BFI - Companion App

Client: Ubisoft


One Pager

Defining a second screen gaming experience.


Created all potential screen/sub-screen UI Mockups for the Companion App of Assassin's Creed BFI in an explicit and coherent hierarchy. Established key art direction in line with the BFI console game's style guild.

One Pager

  • Conducted a focused and comparative case study and documented the pertinent features appeared in Assassin's Creed IV and Assassin's Creed Unity, with special attention given to explore the variations and commonalities in their feature integration.
  • Read though the Intel/Notification design documentations for the console game. Itemized and categorized the potential feature sets that could be synchronized and customized into the Companion App under newly defined scope.
  • Created One Pager within 2 working days to present to the HQ editorial team.