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Pearson UX Design Framework

Client: Pearson

Research / UX Design Framework
Working in progress...

Delivering a convenient, centralized and evolving design system.


Our GXD London team works across three main product and service design spaces which spans multiple portfolios. Hence the following issue raised:

  • The growing UI/UX inconsistencies across products has been the major impediment for us to make any global changes.
  • Instead of putting time and energy into creating new experience, new algorithms, new business logic, our product team spent considerable unnecessary time on tweaking a button padding or designing a card pattern for the 10+ times.
  • Lack of bespoke solutions for distinct demographic persona - e.g. Primary vs Adult.


Deliver a convenient, centralized and evolving design system via unified design patterns and frameworks to expedite production, ensure interface consistency and improve user learnability. the use of English language learning courseware and assessment services for young learners, in key growth markets.

Strategize ways to approach, design and evolve an effective design system, and ways to successfully maintain the system to ensure ongoing usefulness over time.


  • Reassess current design language in discernible categories, finalized and consolidate those to form the core of the design system. Define a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled to build any number of screens and applications.
  • Define a unique subset of the system for the Primary age group.
  • Collaborate with accessibility specialists to ensure the design system conform to level AA of WCAG.
  • Implement design system in Sketch, keep files in sync across the entire design team. Define the process for updating/modifying/extending pattern variants in order to ensure that the system is flexible, scalable, reliable, and sustainable in the long-term. Provide decision flowchart to facilitate implementation.
  • Collaborate with key engineers to refine codes and make sure the system is performant and production ready.